More Fitness Tips for Fly Fishers

by  Adele Derkowski ©1999 - 2001.
Certified Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer.

Always warm-up the muscles that you are going to use.
This will help prevent injuries and prepare the muscles for use.
*Do all movements in a controlled manner.
Do each exercise 6 to 8 times in each direction.

*NECK & HANDS  (Before Tying Flies)
Lift your shoulders up towards your ears, lower shoulders away so your neck feels long. Release, and repeat.
Start with shrug, squeeze shoulders back, pull shoulders down, and roll shoulders forward. Repeat and reverse direction.
Circle shoulders backwards and forward.
Open fingers wide, then close to a soft fist.
When standing, keep feet at least hip width apart, for balance, weight should be evenly distributed on both feet. Knees kept softly bent helps the lower back stay in neutral. (No arching)
Always pull up your spine, lift your chest, and keep your chin up, aligning the neck with the spine.
PS: Posture and lower back is strengthened with exercise and stretching.


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