Saugeen Watershed Fly-Fishers

Hanover, Ontario

Est. 1998 - 2010


Founded in 1998, by a group of fly fishing enthusiasts, young and older, novice and experienced, that get together once a month, or so, to learn from each other.
We are devoted to "Catch and Release" and maintaining the exceptional waterway.

The Saugeen Watershed Fly-Fishing club emerged with goals of assembling a group of anglers both new and experienced to learn more about fly fishing and to preserve and maintain the excellent fishery we have here.

The biggest conservation message to get out is to limit the number of fish taken for eating. With more and more people fishing it really cuts down the fish numbers if all fish caught are killed. If you keep going to the same spot and everyone keeps their catch, it isn’t long before people say, “there’s no fish there any more.”

Another way the SWFF is helping the river is to do projects to improve habitat for the fish and to work to prevent erosion of river banks during high water conditions in the Spring. With the guidance of professional fisheries managers we are already in the planning stages to get a couple of projects off the ground.




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